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Damper Installation and Maintenance

What is the importance of a Damper?

A Damper is exceedingly effective at providing sustainable barriers which can withstand fire and smoke for extensive periods. This means that they are exceptional at saving lives and securing enough evacuation time for any individuals within a premises.

For Dampers to work as effectively as possible in the prevention of the spread of a fire, they must be installed and maintained by experienced technicians. This means following manufacturers guidelines and setting out to meet third-party accreditation standards. Dampers will spend most of its time open, therefore it is important they are inspected and repaired regularly, and in some cases replaced altogether, to ensure that they will still close off the compartment should they be triggered.

At A Glance

Damper Installation

We understand the importance of Dampers being installed to manufacturers’ details and third party accreditation standards, which is why we supply and fit Dampers with an incredibly skilled team.

Damper Remediation

If you’ve recently had a Fire Risk Assessment or Damper Survey and have been left with issues in need of remediation, Global can help! Our Dampers team can work to rectify any requirements outlined in an inspection to bring your property back up to compliant standards.

Damper Surveys

As part of our Complete Approach to Fire Safety, Global’s Damper Team can survey, remediate install and maintain your dampers. We provide exhaustive Damper surveys to ensure you have the best scope of requirements to bring your project back to a compliant level.

Type of Damper:

Fire Damper

A Fire Damper is an integral passive fire protection element used to help stop the spread of fire and allow more time for anyone within a premises to safely evacuate. They are used in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, and use a thermal system to detect the presence of a fire. A fusible link holds back a spring-loaded barrier, and when a fire begins to raise the temperature, the link will melt, freeing the barrier and shutting off the compartment in order to stop the fire in its tracks. It is important to note that Fire Dampers do not prevent the spread of smoke and toxic fumes.

Fire and Smoke Damper

A Fire and Smoke Damper is another Passive Fire Protection System that works to prevent the spread of both fire and smoke, plus any toxic fumes. It works on an electronic system that is linked to the building’s Fire Panel. Once the presence of a fire is detected by the fire alarm system, it triggers a response from the Damper, causing it to automatically close its barrier to prevent any fire and smoke from passing through the compartment and spreading throughout the building.

Why choose Global’s Damper Team?

Global are happy to have a strong and dedicated team of Damper Technicians, who can survey, install and remediate to clients requirements at an exceedingly high standard. We ensure all our technicians are trained and accredited to a level that we can be proud of and falls in line with the Global calibre.