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Ceasefire Composite Fire Doors

Global’s FD30s PAS24 Composite Fire Doors Range. Global can survey, supply and install Fire Doors to meet your bespoke requirements, with an industry-best lead time.

Why choose Global’s Fire Door Team?

We want to ensure that each fire door we install and repair is to the highest standard, which is why all of our technicians are regularly trained and qualified to industry standards.

We employ advanced project software to ensure each piece of work is monitored at each stage so nothing is missed. We work directly with some industry giants in Fire Doors Manufacturing to guarantee quality and compliance, whilst also providing our clients with the best and most attractive solutions.

The Golden Thread and Fire Doors

Global can provide Composite Fire Doors Services that replicate every step of the Golden Thread through our Complete Approach. We promote full traceability from project conception to completion using digital data capture at the key phases for complete asset management under the BM Trada Q Mark 170 Scheme.

NFC Tracking in Ceasefire Fire Doors

Global have introduced modern technology to ensure compliance. Ensuring all relevant data regarding the fire door’s lifecycle is accurately documented, we have teamed up with Plan Radar to implement NFC tracking to our Ceasefire fire doors.

This technology enables all documents relevant to the lifecycle of the fire door to be uploaded. Therefore, making the process easier if another individual requires access to the data. The documents cannot be manually deleted, ensuring that documents can’t be lost, and all the relevant documentation is readily available. 

Easy access to manufacture and installation data helps to identify any major and minor alterations since the previous fire door inspection. This is crucial as it can be very easy to overlook small alterations that can make a fire door non-compliant.


As part of Global’s ongoing dedication to sustainability and a healthier environment. Global’s composite fire doors are ecologically conscious to ensure we make the lowest possible impression on the environment for our planet’s future. Made with sustainably sourced metals and Agri-fibre timber. Put together in-house by our team of experts giving a lifespan of 25 years. We also endeavour to recycle any doors we remove whilst installing new ones.