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Fire Stopping /PFP

At Global, our Fire Stopping team go above and beyond to ensure your property is as safe as possible.

Fire Stopping, which can also be known as Compartmentation, is a group of important passive fire protection methods which are used to maintain the integrity of a compartment to stop the vertical or horizontal spread of a fire, heat, smoke and fumes. It is vital that any breaks in a compartment, such as entrances and ductwork be fire-stopped in order to ensure that a building and its occupants will have a better chance of survival in the event of a fire.


Providing real and expert Fire Stopping insights

Global’s Fire Stopping team are skilled and experienced in providing the best solutions to your requirements, ensuring you are safe in the knowledge that your property and occupants are protected by expertly installed Fire Stopping solutions.

We can assess the full scope of what is needed to bring your premises up to legislative standards, employing various methods to create safe and secured compartments. All of Global’s remedial works are installed to manufacturers’ detailing and guidelines and are third-party certified.

Cavity Barriers

When a building has voids and cavities, a cavity barrier will be employed to ensure a fire is stopped. It is made of intumescent material, meaning it expands to fill the cavity when exposed to heat or fire to completely seal it off so that fire and smoke cannot spread between compartments.

Fire Curtain

When a building is more open plan, with wider spaces, technicians may install a Fire Curtain to close off a compartment. When a fire is detected by the premises Fire Panel, the Fire Curtain is deployed to create a wall, separating compartments into smaller ones to reduce the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Barrier

A fundamental Fire Stopping solution, Fire Barriers subdivide compartments into smaller ones in order to slow the spread of fire. They are typically installed within concealed spaces in a building, maintaining the integrity of the structure of a premises.

Penetration Seals

When there are smaller penetrations in a compartment, technicians will use Fire Sealants to firestop the breaks. These sealants expand when exposed to heat, to make sure they completely block the spread of smoke and fire.

Fire Collars

When pipework, wires or ducts need to pass between compartments, Fire Collars are used to help them go through penetrations, whilst keeping them fire safe. When exposed to heat, the intumescent materials close off the space where the components pass through, preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Sleeves

With the same principle as a Fire Collar, Fire Sleeves are employed to fire stop pipes, wiring or ductwork. A technician may choose to use a Fire Sleeve for various reasons, such as the nature of the material it is protecting. When exposed to heart or fire, a Fire Sleeve will expand to close any breaks in the compartment.

Why choose Global’s Fire Stopping Team?

Our team of Fire Stopping technicians are highly skilled and passionate about making your project safe and compliant. We strive to provide experienced and bespoke solutions to your premises, leaving you safe in the knowledge that Global has gotten the job right.