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Do it Right, fire safety – safeguarding our students’ future

Global HSE Group, leading student accommodation fire safety company, announces partnership with PBSA News.

Global HSE Group are industry leaders in comprehensive fire safety, specialising in passive fire protection and technical fire consultancy. Having worked in the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector for several years, Global HSE Group have an impressive portfolio of PBSA providers among their clients, which include Unite Students, IQ Students, Student Roost and AXO. Global HSE Group also operate across a range of other sectors including hospitality, healthcare, education and industrial.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 necessitates rigorous fire risk reduction, ensuring building and occupant safety, and Global HSE Group specialise in providing tailored, innovative fire risk reduction solutions for various structures, including HRRBs. Their focus is always on fire safety and compliance, as well as on maintaining positive customer relations through their “Do it Right” ethos and quality-driven approach. In the PBSA sector, Global HSE Group’s aim is to ensure that all buildings they interact with are safer with their involvement, and that all work is completed with minimal disruption to students.

Having won several awards over the years, most recently Fire Safety Innovation for their Fire Scrutineer service, and ASFP Marketing Campaign of the Year for their whiteboard animation 2023 in which they describe their Fire Scrutineer solution; Global HSE Group take fire safety extremely seriously and are proud of the work they do to ensure the buildings they work on and their inhabitants are safe, both now and in the future.

“We take our responsibility for fire safety extremely seriously and pride ourselves on our technical expertise, compliant workmanship, and our ability to advise on the latest fire-related legislation. In a constantly evolving industry, we are consistently dedicated to fire safety compliance and hope that our relationship with PBSA News will help to strengthen Global HSE Group’s position as leading fire safety provider to the PBSA sector, as we aim to set the bar in compliant fire safety for the PBSA industry.”Andrew Cooper, MD, Global HSE Group

The PBSA market is expected to experience substantial growth, with a projected CAGR exceeding 10.9% from 2023 to 2030. The number of first-year undergraduate students is projected to increase, and applicants could reach one million by 2030 in the UK alone. It is therefore imperative that PBSA’s are kept up to date with the latest fire safety legislations, best practices, and compliant fire safety solutions.

“PBSA News is thrilled to welcome Global HSE Group as a sponsor. The company’s work is vital for the PBSA sector, and we’re pleased to support them in their mission to set an industry standard whilst sharing vital fire safety knowledge with our audience.”Nick Biring, Co-founder, PBSA News

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Global Group Management Restructure

Global Group Management Restructure

We proudly announce the appointment and promotion of three accomplished professionals to key directorial roles. These strategic moves reflect the company’s commitment to its ambitious growth plans and unwavering dedication to advancing fire safety solutions on a national scale.

As Global continues to expand its footprint and establish its trusted and highly qualified status in the fire safety industry, these senior appointments are pivotal in ensuring the company’s sustained growth and success.

Jonathan Harwood, Director of Commercial and Operations Global HSE:

Jonathan has been with the business for over 4 years, heading up the Group’s passive fire division, however, in this newly created role, Jonathan will be responsible for overseeing and optimising Global HSE commercial operations, whilst helping to drive the passive side of the business forward. With a wealth of experience in passive fire, Jonathan brings a unique skill set and a proven track record of driving operational excellence.

Ross O’Loughlin, Director, Head of GTS:

Elevating Ross to this critical role underscores Global’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions. Ross will continue to lead GTS but take on a more strategic role in pioneering new technologies and advancing the company’s product offerings to meet the ever-evolving demands of the fire safety landscape and fast-paced developments in legislation.

Ian Jordan,  Financial Director, Global Group:

Recognising the pivotal role of effective financial management, Ian assumes leadership of Global’s Financial and HR division. Ian will play a key role in shaping and amplifying the company’s commercial objectives as it continues to make strides in fire safety.

These appointments not only bring a wealth of expertise and leadership to the Global HSE Group but also reinforce the commitment to delivering cutting-edge fire safety solutions worldwide.

Andrew Cooper, MD, expressed confidence in the newly appointed directors, stating, “I’m delighted to have such a formidable leadership team on board as we move forward. I believe their combined expertise will be instrumental in propelling Global to new heights as we embark on this exciting phase of expansion and innovation. I’m looking forward to us all working collaboratively to realise the company’s overall objective of establishing Global as the obvious fire safety partner of choice for any organisation wishing to take fire safety seriously, working with Global to ensure their buildings are safe and compliant for all who use them.”

The whole team at Global are excited about the future as we remain dedicated to making all buildings we interact with safer through innovative and compliant fire safety solutions.

CHAS Elite Accreditation

Global has successfully achieved the CHAS Elite accreditation

Chris Clay – QHSE Compliance Lead:
“Well done and thank you to all the Global team for supporting our CHAS Elite Accreditation. The accreditation shows Global’s ongoing commitment and continuous improvement to risk management across key areas of the organisation.”

The Fire Service College

Last week, Global had a remarkable opportunity to sponsor The Fire Service College in an effort to educate architecture students from Nottingham Trent University. During this event, we explored various aspects of fire science, and fire behaviour, and even conducted blindfolded evacuation procedures within a simulated emergency scenario to impart valuable knowledge on the best methods of exiting a building during a fire. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Fire Service College for hosting us, and we are eager to continue sponsoring events that raise students’ awareness of the dangers posed by fires.

Nurturing Fire Safety Conscious Architects

Fire safety is a fundamental consideration in architecture, and understanding the intricacies of fire science, fire behaviour, and effective evacuation procedures is pivotal for any aspiring architect. A strong foundation in fire safety ensures that future architects are not only creative but also responsible designers who prioritise the safety of the occupants of the structures they create.

A Collaborative Effort with Nottingham Trent University

Our partnership with Nottingham Trent University allowed us to engage with the architects of tomorrow. By working hand-in-hand with students, we were able to foster a deep understanding of the vital role architects play in designing fire-resistant structures and ensuring safe egress in the event of a fire.

Simulating Fire Emergencies

The highlight of our collaboration with The Fire Service College was undoubtedly the simulated emergency scenario. By immersing students in a realistic fire emergency situation, we aimed to provide a unique learning experience. This involved blindfolded evacuation procedures, where students had to rely on their training and instincts to find their way to safety. Such hands-on exercises are invaluable in preparing individuals for the unexpected and reinforcing the importance of preplanned evacuation routes.

Best Practices for Fire Safety

During the event, we shared insights into fire science, discussing the behaviour of fires and the factors that influence their spread. We emphasised the significance of designing fire-resistant structures and how architectural choices can impact the safety of occupants. Moreover, we provided guidance on the most effective evacuation procedures, showcasing the difference these practices can make in ensuring the well-being of building occupants.

A Pledge to Fire Safety

Global remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing fire safety awareness and education. Our partnership with The Fire Service College and Nottingham Trent University reflects our dedication to nurturing the architects of the future with the skills and knowledge needed to prioritise fire safety in their designs.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the prospect of more collaborative efforts that promote fire safety awareness in the architectural community. We believe that these experiences will help shape a generation of architects who understand the complexities of fire safety and are equipped to design buildings that not only inspire but also protect lives. We are deeply appreciative of The Fire Service College for their invaluable support and look forward to continuing our mission to raise awareness about the dangers posed by fires. Together, we can build a safer future.

ISO 45001

GTS has been awarded ISO 45001:2018 certification!

ISO 45001:2018 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. Published by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), this standard provides a framework for organizations to effectively manage and improve their occupational health and safety performance.

The ISO 45001 standard is designed to help organizations of all sizes and industries create a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, contractors, and other stakeholders. It aims to reduce the risk of work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities by promoting a systematic approach to identifying and managing OH&S hazards and risks.

Key features of ISO 45001:2018:

Risk Management: The standard emphasizes identifying potential hazards and assessing risks in the workplace. Organizations are required to establish processes for assessing and addressing these risks.

Leadership and Commitment: Leadership involvement and commitment to OH&S are crucial. The standard encourages top management to demonstrate active engagement in creating a safety culture.

Employee Involvement: Employees are key stakeholders in the OH&S management system. ISO 45001 encourages organizations to involve employees in decision-making and hazard identification.

Continuous Improvement: The standard promotes a culture of continuous improvement by setting up mechanisms to monitor and evaluate OH&S performance and take corrective actions when necessary.

Legal Compliance: Organizations must ensure compliance with relevant OH&S laws and regulations.

Documentation and Communication: ISO 45001 requires organizations to establish clear documentation and communication processes related to OH&S policies, procedures, and performance.

Andrew Cooper, Managing Director at Global said:

“I am pleased that the Company has achieved ISO 45001 certification. It underpins our commitment to our employees, stakeholders, and customers by continuously evaluating and improving our safety processes to ensure we maintain the highest standards.

ISO 45001 certification means that our customers can have full confidence in the way their projects will be approached and managed, and our staff can see we are focused on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. It also aligns with our other key standards such as our ISO 9001 and AS9100 Quality Management System approvals.”